Tango Plan Members

Tango Plan steps in to help Florida’s seniors and their caregivers with a wide range of services and care coordination. We are committed to the health and well-being of those who need an extra level of support, to live safely and independently in their home or in an assisted living facility.

The Plan’s services help individuals with activities such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and housekeeping. Some of our services are home health aides, respite, home delivered meals, care management, and help for the cost of assisted living facility care. There is no cost to you for services, except for assisted living facility and nursing home facility services. See Member Benefits for more information about services.

Our services are funded through the Medicaid Long-Term Care Diversion Program, and are sponsored by Sunshine State Health Plan and the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs.

Your ongoing medical coverage will continue to be obtained through Medicare and you will not need to change physicians. Tango Plan is not a Medicare Plan. With Tango Plan you will receive benefits in addition to your Medicare coverage.

To qualify for the Tango Plan, you must be 65 or older, and meet clinical and financial eligibility requirements. See How to Enroll for more information.

By enrolling in Tango Plan, you will be given a personal Care Manager who will assist you, while taking the worry out of your care. We strive to provide families with the finest health and long-term care support in the community.

Tango Plan was created to be your partner in maximizing your well-being. Tango Plan-because it takes two!

For more information about Tango Plan, please call (866) 769-1158 or email us via the Contact Page.

Tango Provider Directory available soon.