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COVID-19 Vaccines

We are closely following advancements in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. As a healthcare provider, you play an integral role in the COVID-19 vaccine process.

Similar to other COVID-19 services, the vaccines will be offered at no cost to your patients. In addition:

  • We will configure our systems to properly adjudicate COVID-19 vaccine-related administration claims in accordance with the state of Florida’s coverage determinations for Medicaid beneficiaries 
  • Member liability will be $0
  • No prescription or prior authorization is needed for all provider types, regardless of network status
  • Provider reimbursement rates and emergency use authorizations (EUA) are all still pending and we will update you as that information becomes available

Read the FDA Vaccine Information Fact Sheet (PDF) for recipients and caregivers. 

Last Updated: 04/06/2022