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Mileage Reimbursement Process

Reimbursement is available per mile. To qualify for reimbursement, members can call LogistiCare or Alivi Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern up to 30 days in advance but no later than the day of the appointment. Back dated mileage reimbursements are not allowed.

When a member calls for a reservation, the member should provide LogistiCare or Alivi with the name and mailing address of the person to whom the reimbursement is to be made payable. Once the trip is verified, the member will be issued a Reference Number. This Reference Number becomes the member’s Mileage Reimbursement Trip/Job number. Members will only be reimbursed for trips on their Mileage Reimbursement Trip Log that includes this number.

Mileage Reimbursement Trip Logs for Medicaid and Child Welfare members should be mailed to LogistiCare for payment at:

LogistiCare Claims Department
503 Oak Place, Suite 550
College Park, GA 30349

Mileage logs for Long Term Care members should be mailed to Alivi for payment at:

Alivi Claims Department
2290 10th Avenue N, 6th Floor
Lake Worth, FL 33461

Each log must be filled out completely to qualify for reimbursement, including a trip date, medical provider name and phone number, physician/clinician signature, and total number of miles driven associated with that particular visit. Each date of service must have a physician or clinician signature.

Reimbursement Lines
Plan Type Mileage Reimbursement Phone Number
Medicaid 1-877-659-8420 (TTY 1-866-288-3133)
Child Welfare 1-877-659-8420 (TTY 1-866-288-3133)
Long Term Care 1-877-659-8414 (TTY 711)