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Member Resources:

Member Handbooks:

We provide all covered services. But they must be medically necessary. Some services may be limited. Some need a doctor’s order. Some need prior approval. Some Medicaid members may not have all the benefits listed.

Member Handbooks:

Sunshine Health has developed a package of Value Added Services for Medicaid eligible. These services will enhance member benefits beyond the Medicaid Covered Services. The Value Added Services exceed Medicaid benefits. They were designed to improve members well being and encourage responsible and prudent use of healthcare benefits. They also enhance the cost effectiveness of the Florida Medicaid Program. You will find a description of Value Added Services in the Member Handbook.

For a list of programs and services available to you, visit the Stay Healthy Section.

Helpful Links:

Sunshine  Health offers a lot of resources. Some of our resources are related to health information. Some are community resources. Sunshine Health has a relationship with a lot of community groups that help our members. These groups help with: