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Derrick Brooks and Sunshine Health encourage COVID-19 vaccinations

Date: 05/03/21

Tampa, Florida

Sunshine Health, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Tampa Bay Buccaneers great Derrick Brooks have launched a COVID-19 vaccination awareness campaign. It includes a Public Service Announcement from Brooks, a Hall of Fame Player who helped the Bucs win their first Super Bowl.

The campaign is designed to inform Floridians about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, with a special emphasis on communities of color. 

“Even though millions of people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, there’s still more work to do,” Sunshine Health CEO Liz Miller said. “We want every community and person in Florida to know that they have the opportunity to get vaccinated.”

Miller spoke at a Tampa news conference, pictured above. Sunshine Health VP for Pharmacy Operations Moses Allen spoke with Brooks at a separate news conference near Orlando at Osceola Community Health Services. Several news stations covered both events.