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Key Contacts and Important Phone Numbers

Sunshine Health provides a 24-hour help line to respond to requests for prior authorization. In addition, Sunshine Health staff is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer provider questions and respond to provider complaints, emergencies and notifications.

After regular business hours the provider services line is answered by an automated system with the capability to provide callers with information about operating hours and instructions about how to verify enrollment for a member with an emergency or urgent medical condition. The requirement that Sunshine Health provides information to providers about how to verify enrollment shall not be construed to mean that the provider must obtain verification before providing emergency services and care.

The following are key services for which you may have a question and the phone number for that service:

  • To contact a Provider Services representative, call 1-844-477-8313.
  • For questions on medical or behavioral health authorizations, call 1-844-477-8313.
  • For pharmacy providers with questions on prescription claim processing call the Pharmacy Help Desk
  • For questions on the formulary or a drug that is provided through a retail pharmacy or specialty pharmacy call
  • For questions on advanced imaging, call 1-866-214-2569
  • For questions on arranging covered transportation for our members, call: