Medicaid Supplemental Preferred Drug List

Pharmacy Program

Sunshine Health is committed to providing appropriate, high quality, and cost effective care to our Sunshine Health members. Some products may require prior authorization (PA) or have limitations on maximum quantities. For the most current information about the Sunshine Health Pharmacy Program you may call Member Services at 1-866-796-0530 (TTY 1- 866-796-0524) or visit the Sunshine Health website.

Supplemental Preferred Drug List

The Sunshine Health Supplemental Preferred Drug List (PDL) includes drugs covered through the Sunshine Health pharmacy benefit that are not listed on the AHCA Preferred Drug List. The Supplemental PDL is continually evaluated by the Sunshine Health Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee to promote the appropriate and cost-effective use of medications. The Committee is composed of the Sunshine Health Medical Director, Sunshine Health Pharmacy Director, and several Florida physicians and specialists.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Sunshine Health works with CVS/Caremark to process all pharmacy claims for prescribed drugs. Some drugs on the Sunshine Health PDL require a PA and Pharmacy Solutions is responsible for administering this process. 

Dispensing Limits

Medications may be dispensed up to a maximum of 34 day supply for each new prescription or refill. A total of 80% of the days supply must have elapsed before the prescription can be refilled at a Sunshine Health network pharmacy.

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Supplemental Preferred Drug List (PDL)

  • Aerospan Inhalation Aerosol 8.9g (ages 5 and up) limit 1 per month
  • Invanz IV – max of 1g/day
  • Methylphenidate HCl Cap SR 24HR 20 MG, 30 MG, 40 MG
  • Select Spacers / Aerosol-Holding Chambers limit 1 per year