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Sunshine Health Therapy Program

Sunshine Health offers multiple therapy benefits (PT/OT/ST) to its members. Read more about the team of vendors and authorization requirements.

Medicaid, Serious Mental Illness Specialty Plan and Child Welfare Specialty Plan

Sunshine Health contracts with Health Network One (HN1) to manage its therapy program. HN1 contracts providers under Therapy Network of Florida (TNFL).

TNFL administers therapy services at outpatient free standing facilities for Sunshine Health’s Medicaid (MMA), Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Specialty Plan and Child Welfare (CW) Specialty Plan members ages 3 years and above enrolled in Sunshine Health. Members ages 0-2 years old are managed by Sunshine Health.

The following services are excluded:

  • Members ages 0-2 years*
  • Children's Medical Services (CMS) Health Plan
  • Long Term Care
  • Medicare
  • Early Intervention Services (EIS)
  • Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) locations
  • Outpatient (Hospital)

*Note: Members are managed by TNFL on the date of their 3rd birthday. Existing plans of care that extend past a member’s 3rd birthday will continue to be managed by Sunshine Health until completion.

Children’s Medical Services Health Plan

Sunshine Health will handle therapy services for members of CMS Health Plan as of October 3, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have outlined some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. 

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