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eAUTH Inpatient

New: Electronic-Only Submission Process for Emergent Inpatient Authorization Requests

Sunshine Health is committed to advancing excellence in healthcare. To do so we routinely implement business process changes to benefit our members and network providers. This includes leveraging more advanced technologies to improve administrative processes. For this reason, Sunshine Health has migrated to an electronic-only submission process for emergent inpatient authorization requests ("eAUTH").

We believe that electronic submissions will ensure optimal coordination of care in the timeliest manner possible based on the clinical urgency of the situation. For this reason, emergent inpatient authorization requests submitted via telephone or fax will no longer be processed. Nor will requests submitted using your hospital's Daily Census Report. Please note that our prior authorization submission process will remain the same and can be submitted via the secure, on-line portal, fax or telephone.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for your secure, on-line account through the Sunshine Health provider portal. As a user, you can simplify administrative tasks, view patient history, submit and manage claims, submit authorization requests and identify care gaps. All you need to register online at is your tax ID number and email address.

To learn more about our eAUTH submission process, click on any of these links: