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Take Charge of Your Health

It’s important to have a good relationship with a primary care provider (PCP) and to visit your doctor at least once a year, even if you are feeling well. During an annual checkup, your doctor can check your overall health and recommend any needed annual screenings or tests based on your health needs. Your doctor can also help you manage any chronic conditions you may have to help you achieve your best health.

Call your PCP office to schedule a visit if you don’t need immediate medical care.

See your PCP if you need:

  •  Help with colds, flus and fevers
  •  Care for ongoing health issues like asthma or diabetes
  • An annual wellness exam
  • Vaccinations
  • General advice about your overall health

Tips for Making the Most out of Your Doctor’s Visit:

  • Be honest. Don’t minimize your symptoms or feelings.
  • If you don’t understand something, ask questions until you understand.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your health issues or symptoms. Your doctor is there to help.
  • Ask about next steps and schedule a follow-up appointment, if needed.

If you would like help finding a new primary care provider, call Member Services at 1-866-796-0530, or use our Find a Provider Tool

When is it Time to Switch to a PCP from a Pediatrician?

Getting care that is right for your age and your health is important.

When your kids are young, they see a pediatrician. This is a doctor who knows all about kids’ health. But when they grow up, their health needs change. That is when it is time to move to a doctor who knows about adult health. Your doctor and your health plan can help you and your child make this change. If you need help finding a new doctor, talk with your doctor or call Member Services at 1-866-796-0530.

Appointment Standards

Sunshine Health is committed to providing quality and timely care for our members. The following appointment standards outline the timeframes you should expect to get an appointment from your PCP, specialist or behavioral health provider.

PCP Appointment TypeAccess Standard

Urgent Care

Within 48 hours for service that does not require prior authorization and within 96 hours for services that do require prior authorization

Regular and Routine Well Exam

Within 30 days

After Hours Care

PCPs must offer after hours appointments

New Patient AppointmentWithin 60 days of request with appropriate referral
Routine Prenatal ExamsWithin four weeks until week 32, every two weeks until week 36 and every week thereafter until delivery
Oncology: New Patient AppointmentWithin 30 days of request
Follow Up After Physical Health AdmissionWithin seven days of discharge from the hospital

Non-life Threatening Emergency

Within six hours

Urgent Access

Within 48 hours

Initial Visit for Routine Care

Within 10 business days

Follow Up for Routine Care

Within 30 calendar days

Follow Up After Behavioral Health Hospital Admission

Within seven calendar days

After Hours

Your BH provider must have a call receiving service that is answered by a live person