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TeleHealth Services. Get care wherever you are. 

Don’t wait for an in-person visit. You can get easy access to your child’s provider when he or she needs to see one.

Children’s Medical Services Health Plan (CMS Health Plan) offers telehealth services to expand healthcare access at no cost. The remote service can help your child, especially if you live in rural areas and underserved communities. It will also help members who prefer the convenience and privacy of telemedicine and others who have complex conditions or schedules.


Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth is when you connect with a provider virtually. It is a way to manage your child’s health at home. It could be via a video call, a telephone call* or through an app. * Audio-only telehealth services have been approved due to federal and state telehealth flexibilities during the 2020 PHE (Public Health Emergency)

Benefits of telehealth may include:

  • Easier access to care
  • Socially-distanced services
  • Reduced time away from work or school for appointments

Ask your child’s doctor if telehealth is an option. Depending on your child’s needs, his or her provider may recommend:

  • A phone or video call
  • An app or portal for remote monitoring

Be prepared! Find a quiet place to make a phone or video call. Have your child wear loose clothing if the doctor needs to see a certain part of his or her body.


We’re here to help. For assistance accessing telehealth services:

You have options:

Once you find a provider, your child can get care via telemedicine from a cellphone, tablet or computer.

Don’t have those? We can help. 


Don't have a Smartphone?

CMS Health Plan is proud to work with SafeLink/TracFone to offer members this cell phone program at no cost.

Approved members get a smartphone and these, free monthly benefits:

  • 350 minutes
  • Unlimited text messages

Here are more options:

  • You can visit one of our Welcome Rooms, which are equipped with computers, Wi-Fi, and private meeting spaces for a telemedicine visit
  • Our CMS Care Managers’ laptops can be made available for telemedicine appointments

Telehealth is there when your child needs it. Make an appointment for a time that works for you and your child.