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Caregiving Collaborations

Caregivers are an important part of our members’ health and quality of life, but being a caregiver isn’t always easy. That is why we started the Caregiving Collaborations® program. 


Support Guide and Education Resources

  • The University of South Florida (USF) provides a free online training and resource guide for caregivers to the public. 
  • We encourage you to complete pre and post surveys to tell us if the information is helpful to you.



Our Caregiver Journal provides tips and encouragement, as well as a place to record information and track concerns or strategies. It can help caregivers stay organized and serve as a guide for daily routines to help make their jobs easier.


Sunshine Health Community Resource Database 

Finding help just got easier. Our Community Resource Database connects members and caregivers in need with local programs and supports. Our database makes it easy for people with social needs – and those who help others – to find community programs. These programs provide help with food, shelter, healthcare, money and education, jobs and more.

Sign up online now for these free tools and features. Or call the Community Connections Help Line at 1-866-775-2192.