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Caregiver Journal

As part of Caregiving Collaborations®, Sunshine Health offers a journal for our members’ caregivers. Our Caregiver Journal provides tips and encouragement, as well as a place to record information and track concerns or strategies. It can help caregivers stay organized and serve as a guide for daily routines to help make their jobs easier.

caregiver journal cover

Our Caregiver Journal includes:

  • Member’s medical information, including medication and medical equipment lists
  • Contact information for your loved one’s doctors, specialists and other providers
  • Emergency planning information
  • Legal information, including advance directives and healthcare surrogate forms
  • Education and resources

The journal has a back pocket to store important documents, such as your loved one’s care plan, lab and radiology results, medication information, hospital discharge summaries and allergies.

How to access our Caregiver Journal:

The National Caregivers Library offers additional resources that may be helpful to caregivers:

  • Office Visit Checklist
  • Medical History Form
  • National Caregivers Library Caregiver’s Document Organizer